Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford

Select Letters

Inscription to Lady Oxford (in Latin), September, 1575

This poem was copied from the fly leaf of a Greek Testament given to Lady Oxford
(Translated by Fowler)

To the illustrious Lady Anne de Vere, Countess of Oxford, while her noble husband, Edward Vere, Earl of Oxford, was occupied in foreign travel

Veram Vera docen:t sun falsa dorsala Vero
Solaque Vera manent caetera vana volant.
Vera ergo Veri, cum sis coniunxque parensque
Verae, speque bona sis paritura Verum.
Mens tua fac Veri semper deflagret amore
Veri semper amans, sint tua verba Vera
Quod magis ut praestes, a very Authore requiras
Litera te doceat spiritus intus alat
Chari ut Longa viri sic desideria Levans
Gloria vera viri Vera vocere tui.

Truths teach the True woman:
falsehoods are incompatible with the Truth.

And only True things last - other things fly away futile.
Therefore, since thou, a True woman,
art both the spouse of a True man and the parent of a True daughter,
and art in good hope of being about to prepare for a True son,
make thy mind to be always cooled off by the love of the Truth.

Ever a lover of the truth, may these words by the True motto,
To fulfill which the more, ask of the Author of Truth
That his message may teach thee,
that His spirit may nourish thee inwardly:
So that thus easing the vast yearnings of a dear man
Thou mayest be called True -- the True glory of thy man.

Hatfield MSS (Cal.II.114)
Ward, B. M. The Seventeenth Earl of Oxford, pp. 108-109. London: John Murray. (Contact Ruth Miller, Minos Publishing, Jennings, La., or on the web at http://www.ruthmiller.com

Fowler, William P. Shakespeare Revealed in Oxford's Letters, pp. 118 ff. Portsmouth, N.H. Peter E. Randall.

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