Anthony Munday

Anthony Munday was one of several playwrights who served as Secretary to the Earl of Oxford and benefited from his reckless generosity.

In The Mirror of Mutability (1579),
Munday addressed the following poem to Oxford:

E xcept I should in friendship seem ingrate,
D enying duty, whereto I am bound;
W ith letting slip your Honour's worthy state,
A t all assays, which I have noble found.
R ight well I might refrain to handle pen:
D enouncing aye the company of men
D own, dire despair, let courage come in place,
E xalt his fame whom Honour doth embrace
V irtue hath aye adorn'd your valiant heart,
E xampl'd by your deeds of lasting fame:
R egarding such as take God Mars his part
E ach where by proof, in honour and in name.

Ward, B. M. The Seventeenth Earl of Oxford, p. 329. London: John Murray.

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