The Children of Paul's

The Marriage of Wit and Science (1567-668),
The Contention Between Liberality and Prodigality (1567-68),
Iphigenia: (1571-72). Lost Play,
The History of Error (1576-77). Lost Play.
Titus and Gisippus (1576-77). Lost Play.
The Marriage of Mind and Measure (1578-79). Lost Play.
Scipio Africanus (1579-80). Lost Play.
Pompey (1580-81). Lost Play.
Cupid and Psyche (ca. 1580-82). Lost Play.
Campaspe: John Lyly (1580-84).
Sapho and Phao: John Lyly (1582-84).
Agamemnon and Ulysses (1584-85). Lost Play.
Gallathea: John Lyly (1585-88).
Endymion: John Lyly (ca. 1587-88).
Mother Bombie: John Lyly (1587-90).
Midas: John Lyly (1589-90).
The Woman in the Moon: John Lyly (1590-95).
Love's Metamorphosis: John Lyly (date?).
The Maids Metamorphosis. (1597?-1600).
The Wisdom of Doctor Dodypoll (1597?-1600).
Antonio and Mellida: John Marston (1599-1600).
Antonio's Revenge: John Marston (1599-1600).
Jack Drum's Entertainment: attributed to John Marston (1600).
Satiromax: John Marston and Thomas Dekker (1601).
What you Will: John Marston (1601).
Blurt, Master Constable: Thomas Dekker (1601-02).
The Family of Love: Thomas Middleton (?) (1602-03?).
The Old Joiner of Aldgate: George Chapman (1603). Lost Play.
The Phoenix: Thomas Middleton (1603-04).
The Fawn: John Marston (ca. 1604).
Bussy D'Ambois: George Chapman (1604).
Westward Ho!: Thomas Dekker and John Webster (1604).
A Trick to Catch the Old One: Thomas Middleton (1604-06).
Michaelmas Term: Thomas Middleton (1604-06).
A Mad World, My Masters: Thomas Middleton (1604-06).
Northward Ho!: Thomas Dekker and John Webster (1605).
The Woman Hater: Francis Beaumont (1605-07).

The Children of the Chapel Royal
(a.k.a. Children of the Queen's Revels, Children of Blackfriars)

Damon and Pithias: Richard Edwards (1564-65).
Appius and Virginia: R. Bower (?) (1559-67).
The King of Scots: (1567-68). Lost Play.
Narcissus (1571-72). Lost Play.
Mutius Scaevola: (1576-77). Lost Play.
The Wars of Cyrus: Richard Ferrant ? (1576-80?).
Loyalty and Beauty: (1578-79). Lost Play.
Alucius (1579-80). Lost Play.
Campaspe (see Paul's): John Lyly (1580-894).
The Arraignment of Paris: George Peele (ca. 1581-84).
Sapho and Phao (see Paul's): John Lyly (1582-84).
A Game of Cards: (1582-83). Lost Play.
Agamemnon and Ulysses (see Paul's) (1584-85). Lost Play
Dido, Queen of Carthage: Thomas Nashe and Christopher Marlowe (1585-88?)
Hieronimo: (1600-04).
Love's Metamorphosis: (see Paul's) John Lyly (1500).
Cynthia's Revels: Ben Jonson (1600) [link to Jonson site]
The Contentation between Liberality and Prodigality: (? see Paul's) (1600-01).
The Case is Altered: Ben Jonson (1600-08).
Poetaster: Ben Jonson (1601).
May Day: George Chapman (1601-02).
Sir Giles Goosecap: George Chapman (1601-03)
A Royal Widow of England: (1602). Lost Play.
The Gentleman Usher: George Chapman (1602-03).
The Malcontent: John Marston (ca, 1603).
The Dutch Courtesan: John Marston (1603-05).
The Fawn: (see Paul's) John Marston (1604).
All Fool's: George Chapman (1604).
Philotas: Samuel Daniel (1604).
Monsieus D'Olive: George Chapman (1604-05)
A Trick to Catch the Old One: Thomas Middleton (1604-05).

The Merchant Taylor's Boys

Perseus and Andromeda: (1573-74). Lost Play.
Timoclea at the Siege of Troy: (1573-74). Lost Play.
Ariodante and Genevora: (1582-83). Lost Play.

The Children of the Windsor Chapel

Ajax and Ulysses: (1571-72). Lost Play.
Quintus Fabius: (1573-74). Lost Play.
Xerxes: (1574-75). Lost Play.
Mutius Scaevola (see Chapel) (1576-77). Lost Play.

St. Paul's Grammar School

Philamothes' Dream ?: John Harrison (1583-84).
Philomathes' Second Dream?: John Harrison (1585-86).
Westminster Grammar School (College of St. Peter)
Ralph Roister Doister: Nicholas Udall (1553-56?)
Miles Gloriosus: Plautus (1564-65).
Heautontimorumenus: Terence (1564-65).
Sapienta Solomonis: Sixt Birk (1563-66).
Westminster Choirboys
Paris and Vienne: (1571.72O. Lost Play.
Truth, Faitfulness, and Mercy: (1573-74). Lost Play.
Grammar School at Hitchen: all by Ralph Radcliffe (1548-56). All Lost Plays.
The Condemnation of John Huss.
The Afflications of Job.
The Revolt of Jonah.
The Courage of Judith.
Lazarus and Dives.
The Burning of Sodom and Gomorrah.
The Deliverance of Susannah.
Chaucer's Melibeus.
Titus and Gisippus.
Patient Griselda.

Unknown Children's Companies
Jacob and Esau: (1550-57).
Respublica: Nicholas Udall (1553).
Jack Juggler: (ca. 1553-58).
Tom Tyler and His Wife: (1558-63).
The Disobedient Child: Thomas Ingelond (ca. 1558-69).
The Bugbears:John Jeffere (ca. 1563-65).
The Virtuous and Godly Susanna: Thomas Garter (1563-69).
The Glass of Government: George Gascoigne (1575).
Summers Last Will and Testament: Thomas Nashe (1592).

Source: Michael Shapiro. Children of the Revels. New York: Columbia University Press, 1977.

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